3 Simple Steps to Help Conquer Overwhelm

Today we’re going to talk about the subject of overwhelm.

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed?

Over the years of working with so many different entrepreneurs, I have learned that we all suffer from this one common demon. And for a lot of people it can be a game stopper. When you get to a place of overwhelm you’ve reached a point of feeling like, omg, you have 100 things coming at you from all different angles and you feel more like a human doing then a human being.

Like you’re trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I want to share with you today one of the biggest reasons why you should care about this. You should care about this because you really can’t do what your were born to do, you cannot build a highly successful venture while constantly being in that state!

And for most of us we need a strategy that can help us to do the opposite which is to get “unstuck” from overwhelm.

Overwhelm is really technically a problem of energy management, when you start to dissect it. We are taking on way too much and we need to reassess.

So here’s the 1st step to really solving the problem of overwhelm and flipping that switch so that you could stop the problem and get back into a state of balance.

  • You have to do what even Steve Jobs said, you have to get really good at learning how to say no! You have to look at everything you are doing and assess what it is that you have to do and decide what can you let go of that is actually going to bring you back to the piece of mind that you so desperately need. What’s your focal point? So assess that first.
  • You have to reset yourself! Since it’s a problem of energy management, what you need to do is reset your energy! I’m going to give you 3 ways in which you could do that really well. These tips work great for entrepreneurs, as many of us are time stretched and we don’t want to take the time to do this. But I assure you this is a vital and necessary component to REALLY changing your game and changing your state.

1. The very first thing you could do is…..take an Epson salt bath! This actually works incredibly well! The water will nourish your body and really nourish your cells. In fact drinking more water is a great idea because a lot of us just don’t drink enough water. Maybe you can go for a dip in the pool or take an Epson salt bath if you don’t have a pool. Water/hydration is EVERYTHING!

2. The next thing is to literally force yourself to take breaks! Do a meditation even if it’s for only 5 minutes. That was one of the secrets Einstein used to solve complex problems. So when you’re getting to that state when your brain has reached overload, that is your signal, that is your feedback loop telling you that you need to give your brain a rest. Let the subconscious mind take over the job of actually coming in and assessing how to solve this problem.

Being in a meditative state is something that will help you, even just a 5 minute meditation will help.

And if you can take a 20 minute nap, that’s even better because you want to put your body deeply back into that alpha state so that you can truly let go.

3. The last thing that you can do to reset yourself is….Brainwave tracks.

Brainwave Cd’s are just one of the most integral parts of my own energy reset especially to reset my mind when I’m in overwhelm state. There are great tracks that you can buy that focus on alpha wave reset and binaural beats that will help you to focus or just tune things out. It’s also great to listen to this stuff when you’re working so that you’re actually much more productive and focused.

The next piece of this equation is to really think about choosing your next focal point. So after you’ve said no and you’ve cut the fat, what is the most important thing remaining that you need to focus on?

Think about a camera lens which starts out with a wide focus and you can narrow it down. So you’re focusing on what the bigger picture is that you need to accomplish, but then you’re reverse engineering it with the steps you need to take.

Think about what is that next step. Many times we get overwhelmed because we’re too focused on the big picture and we let our minds run amok thinking about all the things that we have to do. I say it’s great to acknowledge those things but then get back to a main core focal point. What is that next piece…but only the next piece?

Then, go to work on getting that next piece done, once you’re rested and you’ve reset your energy.






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