Alex Jeffreys

Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer


Alex Jeffreys is an internet marketing superstar, business coach and heck of a nice guy. He came from very humble beginnings with no formal education and suffered with dyslexia. But what he lacked in education, he made up for in sheer determination. Way back in 2004, he discovered something known as “The Internet” and immediately saw the potential power of this new world. As with most determined people, he didn’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.

In this great conversation, we discuss how he got started in his business, the many mistakes he made along the way and what he learned from those mistakes. We also go deep into the success mindset and discuss practical strategies that you could employ in your life and business…right now!


  • Currently resides in Wales UK with his wife and children
  • Former construction worker with no formal education
  • Has written 7 books and suffers from dyslexia
  • Originally started out by selling motorcycles on Ebay back in 2004
  • Has one of the fastest growing companies in the US


  • How he created his first information product
  • How to create a “Success Plan” and stick to it
  • Why knowing your “what” is sometimes more important than knowing your “why”
  • How to properly define your outcome
  • How you can use the power of your ego to work with you, rather than against you
  • Why so many people fail and how to avoid big mistakes
  • Why leveraging the power of others is so important and how to do it more effectively

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