Brad Gosse

Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur

Warning: Explicit content!


Brad Gosse is a best selling author, internet entrepreneur, and business advisor.
His internet companies have generated over 100 million dollars in transactions and continue to grow.

Success wasn’t always easy for this dyslexic high school dropout. After cutting his teeth as a telemarketing salesmen, he realized he was VERY good…at sales. By the tender age of 18, he was managing the telemarketing group in which he started just a few months earlier. He was good at sales but HATED the world of telemarketing.

He then put his sales skills to work and harnessed the power of the internet to create his first online business….and never looked back.

Meet Brad Gosse. He’s real, he’s raw and he’s AWESOME! A brilliant internet marketer who got his start way back in 1997 in the porn industry. After dominating in the adult entertainment industry (he was ranked #1 in Google for the keyword “Porn” for 18 months), he made the switch to more “mainstream” marketing and now sells over 300 digital marketing products, works as a consultant to other online marketers and speaks internationally at conferences and seminars.

In this awesome conversation, we will talk about how he got started in the IM Business. We’ll discuss the many mistakes he’s made along the way and why he feels compelled to shine the light on all the IM scammers out there. We’ll also talk about the many mistakes most entrepreneurs make and why most people will never succeed at making money online.



  • Currently resides in Ontario Canada with his wife
  • Is a best selling author, speaker and business advisor to both entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Founder of Vectortoons
  • Sits on the advisory board for JVZoo
  • Is a Flippa superseller


  • The biggest reason most people fail to make money online
  • Why most people don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • How to take transparency to a whole other level and what it can do for you and your business
  • Knowing how to speak directly to your market
  • The #1 best piece of advice for struggling entrepreneurs

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