Brian G Johnson

Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and...Poodle Wrangler?


Brian G Johnson is an author, internet marketer, business coach and yes, a poodle wrangler! Talk about jack of all trades!!

He makes his living online and does a damn good job of doing it! As a child, the idea of being an entrepreneur always fascinated him and this burning desire led him to where he is today. He’s literally generated millions of dollars via the internet and helps hundreds of others make money online….the right way.

You see, that is a big part of who Brian G Johnson is. Let’s call him the “ethical marketer”. In a world filled with thousands of get rich quick schemes, this very smart and VERY heart centered entrepreneur is all about delivering value and in the most ethical, sensible and authentic ways possible.

Meet Brian G Johnson. The social media clown prince with a heart of gold. He inspires people daily with his creative, cool and VERY funny Social Media Meme’s! But while some may look at this (seemingly) crazy guy with his wacky faced, karate kicking meme’s, this mad genius realized the power of just being “you” and his fans unanimously love him for it.

In this incredible conversation, you will hear this former chef’s journey from cook to internet marketing superstar. We discuss how he got his start in affiliate marketing, what he learned early on about driving traffic and how he’s leveraged the power of social media to build a loyal audience and grow his tribe.



  • Currently resides in Colorado with his wife Amanda, and his dog, Otis
  • Is a trained chef with a passion for cooking
  • Is an internet marketer, author, speaker and business coach
  • Is truly a “value” based entrepreneur whose main purpose is to help entrepreneurs (of all levels) achieve great success in their businesses and lives


  • Why most people fail at making money online
  • How to make your audience fall in love with you
  • How to find the right “niche” and greatly profit from it
  • The top 5 Strategies for creating a KILLER brand
  • How to get into a “success” mindset and break the bad habits/patterns that keep us in a negative mindset
  • Why eliminating the things and people that aren’t serving you in your life is a MUST

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