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Best-selling author, Brian Horn, has helped many top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with their online branding, search engine optimization and internet marketing. He’s consulted for some pretty incredible people including Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss, Ed O’Keefe, MMA Legend – Lloyd Irving, rapper/entrepreneur Vanilla Ice and many others.

Brian’s goal is to find the magic in each of his clients, help them position it, get national media attention for it, and leverage that attention into more customers and profits.

In this great conversation, we discuss tactics and strategies that you can use to position yourself as the “Authority” in your respective niche. We also go deep into some of the strategies he uses to get his clients to expert status and how to leverage your new found authority status in your business.


  • Currently resides in Texas with his wife and children
  • Started out doing SEO way back in 2004
  • Consulted for marketing behemoths Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Ryan Deiss among others
  • Best selling author and speaker
  • Currently the co-host of the Authority Alchemy Show
  • Was recently featured on the Howard Stern show
  • Is an advocate for children with down syndrome


  • How to establish yourself as an authority
  • The importance of micro specialization and how to do it effectively
  • Why you don’t actually NEED to be an expert in order to be recognized as one
  • The importance of being a success advocate/educator for your clients and the mentality behind it
  • What are the 4 Authority avatars and how to properly identify them
  • What are “Trust Triggers” and why they’re so important
  • Why spending time to improve your skillset could be a huge mistake

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