Dan Meredith



He’s a late blooming “serial entrepreneur” who after navigating personal training, headhunting, advertising and then copywriting, ended up running a group of nearly two thousand people worldwide who are determined to “get $hit done”!

After running couple of agencies, a gym and a supplement business, he still has no idea how he did it. Initially, it involved a LOT of coffee, grey goose, determination and a certain level of stupidity where the answer “no” didnt really compute. Between beard growth, swearing and lifting a bunch of heavy $hit, he accidentally found success…and it quite good at it.

Meet Dan Meredith. In this conversation, I speak with this former headhunter turned (successful) marketer about how he got his online start. He shows us how to cut through the BS of online marketing, how he found his purpose in life and why one simple book changed the way he looked at his life AND businessforever.



  • Currently resides in Portishead, North Somerset (UK)
  • Started out many years ago as a cold calling Headhunter and then branched out into the Fitness industry
  • Currently runs several successful online businesses and helps many others do the same


  • The most important lesson he ever learned from a mentor
  • How one Seth Godin book completely changed the way he looked at his life and businessforever
  • The secret to finding YOUR genius
  • How to better recognize your own valueand get paid accordingly
  • The two most important traits everyone should possess
  • How to avoid the Super Hero Syndrome that so many entrepreneurs struggle with
  • The importance of forgiveness and how healing past relationships changed his life
  • And SO much more.

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