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In 1976, he met a man by the name of Lester Levenson. Lester was the man who inspired the creation of a powerful methodology known only as, the Sedona Method. Back then, Hale was an ardent, although confused, seeker who had gone to numerous seminars led by teachers from both the East and the West. He studied various body-centered disciplines, including yoga, tai chi, and shiatsu and had actively participated in numerous personal growth courses, including EST, Actualism, Theta Seminars, and Rebirthing. At these seminars, he had many nice experiences and heard and understood—at least intellectually—many useful concepts.

Still, he felt incomplete. He longed for a simple and powerful answer to some important yet vexing questions like: “What is my life’s purpose?” “What is truth?” “Who am I?” and “How can I feel at home and at peace with my life?”

Unfortunately, much of what he heard and experienced only added to his confusion. No one seemed to have truly satisfying answers or to have truly satisfied themselves about their true nature. There was also a strong, almost universal belief that growing was hard work that required baring your soul and reliving painful, unresolved issues.

That all changed during his very fortunate encounter with Lester. He met Lester at a seminar led by a well-known speaker and was attending as the leader’s guest. That day, a group of them went out to lunch together. Lester’s presence immediately struck him as unique. He was in total peace and equal-mindedness, very comfortable with himself. He was unassuming and easy to talk to and treated everyone as his friend—even Hale, who at the time was a complete stranger.

When he asked Lester what he did, he was invited to a seminar that was being held the following weekend. All he was told was that “a group of people are going to sit around a table and release.” Hale wasnt sure what releasing meant, but he knew if it could even get him close to obtaining just some of the qualities of which Lester was the living embodiment, he definitely wanted it. He took a leap of faith and signed up on the spot.

He wasnt exactly sure what he was getting himself into and since he had gone to so many seminars, he was very skeptical. He found myself himself wondering, “Oh my God, is this going to be another one of those disappointments along the way?” As the course unfolded, however, he watched himself and others in the class shedding long-held beliefs and limitations with amazing ease and speed, yet without having to relive or explain their life stories.

Almost overnight, he knew that hed found what he was looking for. In fact, deep down inside, he knew that this process of releasing was what he was born to do and share with the world—and to this day he has never wavered. In the past 26 years, hes watched thousands of other people change their lives, radically yet gently, for the better just by learning one elegantly simple, yet powerful technique.

Meet Hale Dwoskin. In this incredible conversation, you will learn a POWERFUL technique for letting go of all negative emotions and beliefs in your lifequickly! This technology is known as The Sedona Method and has been touted by some of the biggest names in personal development as the wholly grail of personal growth systems. Hale explains what the Sedona Method is and why it is SO powerful. He also walks us through several step by step exercises that can literally transform your life!



  • Currently resides in Arizona with his family
  • Is a NYT best selling author of the book, The Sedona Method, international speaker and transformational teacher
  • Has been featured in the hit films, Letting Go and The Secret


  • Understanding negative blocks: What they are, where do they come from and how to remove themwith ease
  • What exactly IS The Sedona Method and why does it work so well?
  • How The Sedona Method differs from other methodologies such as EFT (Tapping), Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • The terrible trick our mind plays on us on a daily basisand how to change that
  • Understanding who you REALLY are and why your perception of reality is often times pure fiction
  • Money blocks: What are they and why are they in my life?
  • 3 Powerful questions that can lead to total breakthrough in your life
  • And SO much more.

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