Jesse Elder


Many years ago, a young boy was introduced to the world of Martial Arts and an immediate connection was formed. This love and deep passion only grew over time and by his early twenties, he was competing in tournaments all over the US and Mexico. Much like a superhero assumes a hidden identity, so did Jesse. By day, he lived out his passion by teaching Martial Arts and by night, he would “bounce” at a local club to earn extra money.

Even though he was very skilled at Martial Arts Mastery, he hadn’t yet learned the art of “Self Mastery” and was about to learn an important lesson that would change his life forever.

Unfortunately, it took almost dying in the ring for him to come to this startling revelation and he will talk about his journey in today’s edition.

Meet Jesse Elder, Entrepreneur, Business/Life Coach and Action Philosopher. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will hear his amazing story and he will share his wisdom and insights on how to gain control of (and master) yourself. You will learn how to identify the patterns that continually cause you failure and how to change them, once and for all!


  • Home Schooled, never went to High School, never went to College
  • Built and sold several successful Martial Arts programs by age 20
  • Master of Martial Arts and has successfully competed all over the US and Mexico
  • Author and Coach of The Upgraded Life© program that has been responsible for transforming lives (for the better), all over the world

“Rational fears keep you alive, irrational fears keep you from living.” Jesse Elder :Click to Tweet


  • How to properly recognize fear and harness it’s power
  • What is “Rational Fear” vs. “Irrational Fear” and why you need to know the difference
  • How to shift your perception to gain control of your thoughts
  • What are “Flow States”, why we need it and how to tap into it
  • How the concept of “an attitude of gratitude” may be limiting your potential
  • How asking yourself the “right” questions can produce explosive results

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