Kim Garst


It started about 22 years ago. Born from the desire to stay home with her son, she realized she wanted to work from home. She started doing web design and eventually moved into consulting but as she plunged deeper into the online world quickly realized she had a knack for reaching and connecting with people.

The internet was quickly evolving and something known as “Social Media” was starting to gain in popularity. Being at the forefront, she was already dug in deep and quickly became recognized as an authority.

In this conversation, you will hear how she started her online journey and is now recognized as one of the worlds leading experts on Social Media.

Meet Kim Garst, Social Media expert and CEO and co-founder of Boom Social. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, we go deep into all things Social Media. From how to fight constantly changing algorithms on Facebook to why Google+ could be a potential gold mine for your business. And if you still have doubts about the impact of Twitter, you might feel differently after you listen to this episode.


    • Happily married mother of two who grew up in rural Virginia and now resides in Florida
    • She originally started out in web design before eventually moving into the consulting space
    • Has been online for over 22 years and doing Social Media long before they even called it Social Media
    • Is a Coach, Speaker and Trainer and has been featured on numerous media outlets such as Fox and NBC, to name a few
    • Was recently named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers


“When I realized I could sell my time vs. selling my services, my business skyrocketed.” @KimgarstTweet:


  • How to build a loyal community around you and keep that community highly engaged
  • Why Twitter is still a fantastic resource for driving traffic
  • The top 3 reasons why you NEED to be using Google+ in your business
  • Facebook: What is Edgerank and does it still exist?
  • Is organic reach on Facebook a thing of the past?
  • How to use “As Seen In” the right way and why using it the wrong way can destroy your credibility
  • Why not owning your mistakes can be damaging to your brand and your business
  • The importance of being “relatable” to your audience

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