Luke Corden

Transparent Internet Marketer


It only started a few short months ago. Tired and frustrated with his life, he knew it was time to do something and something radical!

In this conversation, you will hear how a former member of the rat race took matters into his own hands and “broke out” of the slave cycle!

Meet Luke Corden. He’s an internet marketer, blogger and just a hell of a nice guy. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will discover how living an unfulfilled and unsatisfied life led Luke to a crossroads. He knew it was time for MASSIVE change in his life and he was determined to make it happen!


  • No formal business training
  • Was homeless for 6 months
  • Suffers from dyslexia
  • Got into affiliate marketing several years ago and was unsuccessful
  • On 10/31/13, he committed to leave his job on 12/31/13 and documented his journey (and the exact steps he took to make it happen) publicly

The Takeaways

  • Why your story matters
  • The importance of being transparent in both your life AND your business
  • How working with the right mentor can save you lot’s of time and money
  • Things to avoid when trying to build relationships with business partners
  • Why you need to be able to sell to yourself before your prospect
  • Detailed strategies on how and where to find potential JV Partners
  • The lessons he learned from the creation of his first product
  • How he turned an honest mistake into a big win
  • A practical approach to setting goals that can change your life
  • Knowing how to manufacture desire and momentum, even when it seems non-existent

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