Podcast Movement 2015



It all started with an idea. A few passionate individuals saw a need in the market and created a movement around it. The movement Im referring to is Podcast Movement. An event that was the brainchild of Jared Easley and Dan Franks, two fellow Podcasters and purposeful entrepreneurs. They loved Podcasting and knew there were many others out there who felt the same way they did about the medium. Little did they know they were on the verge of something BIG!

So last year, they took to Kickstarter to see if they were right about their idea. Were they EVER!! The people spoke loud and clear and not only did they WANT Podcast Movement, they DEMANDED IT!

In this weeks episode, I talk about my experience attending the Epic event known as Podcast Movement. I talk about some of the things that really stood out for me, where I think Podcasting is going in the future, and why its so important to attend events like these.



  • Originally launched through a Kickstarter campaign in 2014
  • Within one year, doubled in number of attendees
  • Featured some of the biggest names in Podcasting today including Marc Maron and Sarah Koenig of Serial


  • Why I think everyone needs a Podcast
  • What I learned from Pat Flynn and how you could apply it in your life
  • How to give people what they want vs. what you THINK they want
  • The importance of testing your idea before you bring it to market
  • Podcasting for profits: Yay or nay?
  • How to quiet your inner critic
  • The one common attribute no Podcaster should be without
  • Why I think Periscope is here to stay (and why you need to get innow)
  • Why attending events like these is SO important for you and your business
  • The single most important thing no Podcaster should ever forget
  • The #1 strategy for building a loyal tribe (shhhits easier than you think)
  • And SO much more.

Clickable Resources

Podcast Movement Podcastmovement.com
Jared Easley Starvethedoubts.com
Dan Franks Danfranks.me
John Lee Dumas Entrepreneuronfire.com
Pat Flynn Smartpassiveincome.com
Adam Curry Curry.com
Aisha Tyler Aishatyler.com
Marc Maron Wtfpod.com
Lou Mongello- Loumongello.com
Sarah Koenig Serialpodcast.org

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