Ross Jeffries

The Master of Seduction

Warning: Explicit content!


Many years ago, he discovered a secret. It was a power, really, but a power that opened his mind to infinite possibilities. Specifically, how to pick up women….and get them into bed.

As he plunged deep into this new world, his life would never be the same. He’s been called “Dr. Frankenstien”, a mad scientist and an evil genius!

This secret “power” was almost magical! It was an unfair advantage allowing a young man who previously struggled with women to now dominate them in almost every situation. This “power” that I am referring to is the power of persuassion and he became obsessed with it. As a guy that previously struggled with women, the tables were finally turned and he knew there were many men out there that needed this information.

In this conversation, you will hear how he first discovered the power of NLP, shaped it and created some of the most effective strategies in the world of dating known to man!

Meet Ross Jeffries, a man known as the father of seduction in the modern seduction community. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will learn what led him to this world and how he turned his new found power into a long and successful career teaching millions of men around the world how to be successful with women.


  • Known as the “Father of Seduction” in the modern seduction community
  • Author, Speaker and mentor and has traveled all over the world teaching men his strategies
  • Was the inspiration for Tom Cruises character in the film Magnolia
  • Has appeared on Dr. Phil, The Monetel Williams Show and Comedy Central to name a few
  • Featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the succesful book, The Game
  • One of his successful students includes Dave DeAngelo (a.k.a. Eben Pagan)


  • Learn what is effective persuasion and how to harness the power of NLP in your business
  • Vague lanuage and implication, what that means and why you need to know
  • How to properly set the frame for objection
  • The power of embedding commands and how to use this effectively in your marketing message
  • The difference between (REAL) effective persuasion and what some others are trying to pass off as persuasion

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