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It all started when he was 12 years old. One day he saw an infomercial about some tiny classified ads and his life was never the same. He became obsessed with making money online (and offline) and began his endless search for new and exciting ways to do so. He started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. Within a year of graduating he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services from his basement! For over 12 years now he has been starting and scaling companies online. He is a best selling author, owns a software company (ClickFunnels), a supplement company, a coaching company (DotComSecrets), and is one of the top super affiliates in the world.

Meet Russell Brunson. In this conversation, he shares with us some KILLER marketing strategies and talks about how he got started in the world of online marketing. He also shares his opinions on the future of online marketing and reveals the #1 key to his success and why if you do just this one thing, your success is guaranteed.



  • Currently resides in Boise Idaho with his wife and 5 children
  • Is a NYT Best selling author, keynote speaker, Internet Marketer, consultant and founder and CEO of Clickfunnels
  • Has consulted and worked for some of the biggest names in business today including Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey and Sir Richard Branson


  • A life changing lesson he learned from attending a seminar
  • The 3 biggest mistakes he made when starting out onlineand how to avoid them
  • Why what you think you know about selling is probably all wrong
  • A simple 2 step process to becoming a sales machine
  • The exact webinar formula that has yielded him over $30 million in sales
  • Why you are doing your prospects a HUGE disservice by trying to over educate them
  • The importance of breaking down belief patternsand how to rebuild them in a massively effective way
  • What is Clickfunnels and how it could help explode your business
  • What is Entrepreneurial Cycling and why it is a prerequisite to success
  • The radical thing Russell did to save himself from going to jail
  • Russs thoughts on the new Live streaming platforms and how it all compares to webinars
  • How one little website tweak led to $150k per month in ADDITIONAL revenue
  • Are the days of webinars coming to an end?
  • What does the future of online marketing look like to Russell Brunson?
  • And SO much more.

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