Tony Horton


He grew up in Connecticut and was often picked on by the resident school bully. He wasn’t very physically fit and although he liked sports, he wasn’t very athletic.

As he started getting older, things changed for this Connecticut native with a speech impediment and he started to come into his own. He started gaining confidence and set his sights on becoming an actor/comedian and went out to the West Coast to take his shot.

After appearing in a few films and doing some stand up comedy, he started to realize things weren’t going the way he had hoped but his mind was about to be opened in a VERY big way! The physical fitness culture of the West Coast was calling to him and he was open enough to answer that call.

Meet Tony Horton, best selling author, speaker, fitness guru and creator of P90X! In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will learn how a young boy from Connecticut fell into his passion (when he wasn’t even looking for it) and created a fitness empire.


  • Raised in Connecticut and attended URI
  • Pursued a career as an actor/comedian
  • Started as a personal trainer to celebrities with clients such as Sean Connery, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Usher, to name a few
  • Has done fitness seminars/bootcamps for the US Armed forces all over the world
  • Popular exercise program P90X has over $400 million in sales
  • Best selling author, speaker and fitness guru and his mission is to help the world look and feel better


  • Why most people get stuck in their lives and how to get un-stuck
  • Why fear is AWESOME and how you can put it to work for you
  • What are “new haters” and “blockers” and how to identify where you fit in
  • The number 1 secret to being more productive
  • The 3 things everyone loses with age…..and how you can change it now
  • How to identify the 3 different body types and know which is your type

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