Zsuzsa Novak

Starpower Strategist


Long ago, she figured out her purpose in life. Her purpose was to change the world, but how? How would a young woman living in communist Hungary make an impact in the world? Coming from a life of poverty, but one of much love and support from her family, she set out for the United States.

Armed with only $20 and a LOT of passion, she landed on the shores of America to start her new journey. A passion filled journey to inspire and motivate people to be more then they could ever imagine!

In this conversation, you will learn how Zsuzsa discovered her true calling in life and what she did to turn her dreams into reality.

Meet Zsuzsa Novak, Founder of Starpower You. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will hear her amazing story and learn how to position yourself and your business far ahead of the pack. She reveals strategies typically reserved for top tier clients and will teach you how to create a leading brand that makes you stand out and shine like a STAR!


  • Left her native communist Hungary at the age of 20 in pursuit of her ideals of freedom, bliss and world peace
  • Certified Master Coach with MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Is an internationally sought after speaker, trainer and business strategy expert
  • Starpower Strategist and founder of Starpower You (www.starpoweryou.com)
  • Was in charge of Branding and International Marketing for New Regency and Warner Bros. working on such highly acclaimed films as The Matrix, City of Angels and Evita


  • You will learn what it takes to build a loyal following
  • The branding mistakes you are making and how to correct them….before it’s too late
  • The differences between being in the personal development business and being IN THE BUSINESS of personal development
  • The top 3 secrets to building a brand that matters
  • The importance of building a passion based business
  • The key differences between a guru and a leader and where you fit into the equation
  • How to identify your unique gift…and not take it for granted

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