About Bigwig Nation

A place to come and get your Big Wig on!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 1.20.29 AMWhat is Big Wig Nation?

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I’m Darrin Bentley, founder and host of the Big Wig Nation Podcast show and I want to tell ya a little bit about us and of course, the show. You can hear more about me and my story here Click here.

The Big Wig Nation Podcast is a weekly show where I have REAL, in depth and often very revealing conversations with a diverse mix of highly successful people. I’ll be speaking with some of today’s most brilliant Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Artists, and Musicians on a variety of topics!

In each inspiring episode you will learn what it takes to become a Big Wig! Each one of these “Big Wig’s” will share their journey, the pain, the struggles, the breakthroughs, the habits, the mindset and what ultimately led them to the finish line of success in their lives. The goal of this show is to inspire, motivate and guide you to take action in creating your vision of the ultimate life! If you believe you can, YOU WILL!

What is a Big Wig?

Great question! When I chose the name of this show, I sorta did so in a tongue and cheek kind of way, if that makes sense. What I mean by that is a Big Wig is no different, no better, no worse, no more, or no less then, you and me. There is one big distinction and that is, they made a choice. They made the decision to not accept what they were given and had the courage to follow that up with MASSIVE action to build their dream life!

In my mind, a “Big Wig” is someone who has the drive and determination to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles that get in their way! These obstacles are just no match for the Big Wig. A Big Wig is an action taker not an excuse maker! A super passionate being that lives life on their terms, period!


When I set out to create this show, I did so from an extremely passionate place! Yes, I absolutely want this show to inspire and motivate you to take action in creating the ULTIMATE life for yourself, but I also want you to be entertained. This show had to be different then other “similar format” type shows out there. It had to be as entertaining as it was insightful. I wasn’t only interested in getting the big name “ROCK STARS” on the show either.

There will definitely be some familiar names on the show but I’m also going to expose you to a LOT of people you might not have heard of before, but people with an important and inspiring message to share.


If I was going to do this, I had to do it right (well, what felt right for me anyways), so I decided to give myself a few ground rules!

  1. MINIMAL GUEST RESEARCH – I knew if I did too much research on my guests in advance, each conversation would be a hell of a lot less interesting. How many times have you heard a lifeless interview? Sometimes the more you know can really hurt the conversation.
  2. NO SCRIPTED INTERVIEWS – It’s very easy to hear when someone is reading from a script and for me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard! It totally sucks the life, creativity and spontaneity right out of the interview! You will notice I rarely refer to my conversations as “Interviews”. I prefer to look at them only as conversations. So just imagine yourself a fly on the wall, listening to a deep and candid conversation, absorbing all the tasty goodness bestowed upon us by these amazing individuals.
  3. TOTAL TRANSPARENCY – This was probably one of the most important decisions I made before launching Big Wig Nation! Each conversation had to be real! It had to be authentic! I’m putting myself out there in ways I never dreamed of and expect the same from my guests. You need to hear the person not the persona. These people have the same problems everybody else does! It’s important that you understand that and realize they’re really no different then you and I.

So that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I really hope you like what I’m doing here and if you do, please (please, I’m asking nicely) leave me a rating and review in iTunes. It really helps the show and I would GREATLY appreciate your support. The more stars the better but hey, no arm twisting here 🙂