Help unleash YOUR inner Big Wig with these AWESOME Resources!


Below are a list of just SOME of my favorite resources. Keep in mind that anything I am recommending here is because I either use it myself (and have had REALLY good results) or have partners that use the products/services I’m recommending. I will NEVER recommend something I don’t truly know or believe in!

DisclosurePlease note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links.  There is no additional cost to you, and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  I recommend these companies because I believe they have great products and I’ve used some/most of them myself. Please only purchase these products if you feel the same way.



bluehost-logoBluehost: What can I say about Bluehost? Well, they are one of the best out there, end of story! If you are looking for one of the best and most reliable companies for all your hosting needs, look no further. They’re customer service is GREAT and they are VERY “WordPress Friendly” making it SUPER easy to install (not to mention installing multiple WP sites on the same hosting account with ease)! Unlimited domains and webspace, super reliable service and VERY good pricing make Bluehost the BEST option out there! Click here to get a special discount off the regular price! 



bluehost-logoOptinmonster: Everyone knows the power of the pop-up and nobody does it better then Optinmonster!  Create a BEAUTIFUL pop-up with ease and within minutes. Nobody cares how beautiful a pop-up is if it doesn’t convert and Optinmonster is…..well, a MONSTER! KILLER analytics, page level targeting, exit intent and great split testing features make this the pop-up of choice for many successful entrepreneurs and businesses! A MUST have! Click here 



bluehost-logoWordPress: What could be said about WordPress that hasn’t been said before🙂 Just a few features are, ease of use, FANTASTIC plugin selection, easy to monetize, great support and SEO friendly! Nuff said! Click here




bluehost-logo99 Designs: Are you in need of a logo or web banner for your business? This is a GREAT resource for graphic work. One of the first “Crowdsource” design sites and still one of the best! Ah, I remember the days when so many designers were SUPER pissed off about the concept, lol! You only pay for the design you like. Win-win in my book!  Click here  




bluehost-logoElance: Although there are many great outsourcing websites out there, I think Elance is the best! Much like 99designs, you post your job (which could be anything from graphic/design work to ghost writing a book) on their site and have contractors bid for it. There are some AMAZINGLY talented people on this site but like anything else, it’s a process to find them. Once you do though, you’ll be glad you did 🙂 Click here 



bluehost-logoOdesk: This is another great source for your outsourcing needs. You will be able to find “cheaper” help on Odesk then Elance but be careful when vetting potential contractors. Although Elance might appear to be more expensive, I find a better quality of work there. Odesk is a younger company and there are still MANY gems to be found there…if you don’t mind digging a little. Odesk is better for hourly work while Elance is great for project based work, imo! Click here



bluehost-logoFiverr: What people will do for 5 bucks! This truly is a FANTASTIC site! You can pretty much get just about anything done here but it’s important to remember….you get what you pay for. With that being said (much like with Elance vs. Odesk), you can find some REAL talent there! I’ve found MANY a “diamond in the rough” on Fiverr. Click here 



bluehost-logoEvernote: From a productivity standpoint, you NEED Evernote in your life! This is probably the quintessential “all in one” app to house your digital life! A great way to keep track, organize and be able to search all of your data (notes, text, audio/video, web, pdf, etc) in one place. If you are truly trying to bring your business paperless, this is a pretty damn good option! Click here 




bluehost-logoOm Harmonics: Where did THIS company come from? If you are into Binaural Beats and haven’t yet experienced Om Harmonics, you need to…FAST! By listening to these awesome tones, you are able to get into a MUCH deeper meditative state then with most other methods I have tried (and I’ve tried quite a few). The marketing “claims” of the company are a bit outrageous, but the product is VERY good. Click here




bluehost-logoLegal Zoom: If you don’t have a lawyer (and/or can’t afford one), Legal Zoom is an excellent alternative. You can pretty much do just about ANYTHING through LZ. From starting a company to filing for Trademarks/Patents, Legal Zoom has you covered. The prices are also very reasonable, relatively speaking. Depending on which state you live in, a simple LLC formation can be done for $99 + State Fees! Click here