What they're saying about Big Wig Nation

I was totally blown away by the interview with Zsuzsa Novak. Her life, mission, accomplishments, talents and personality are a true inspiration! Darrin is such a talented interview. He kept a wonderful, natural flow to the interview that left me entranced to the very end. I’ve already listened to it twice for personal inspiration. It actually spurred me to take action towards accomplishing my own goals! - HLane

I listen to a ton of Audio Books and Podcasts, it’s part of my morning ritual and keeps me focused and energized. This is one of the best, period. Subscribe and enjoy. - Brian GJohnson

I have not been able to stop listening to these interviews! The content is so relevant, so thought provoking and so filled with valuable information – both on a personal and business level. Darrin is a superb interviewer and his frank yet sensitive approach results in intensely personal discussions while yielding applicable steps that every serious entrepreneur should be implementing. Not to be missed!! - HiloryWallk
Darin has an incredible voice for this medium and I just don’t mean how crisp he sounds on the mic. He has the voice of someone who has been through the ringer. Someone who has done battle with finding himself and the things that are important to him. He is –Self-aware and humble. These qualities are huge when you talk about this subject matter. He is SO worth checking out. I have subscribed and look forward to more from him! - D LouisMartin

Darrin is the real deal. Every once in awhile, you hear a voice that captivates your attention. And when this voice delivers a strong, meaningful message, you lose track of time, become engaged in the content, and feel like you belong. By combining excellent information and compelling interviews with his own life experiences, you get an opportunity to grow, while learning from some of the best. If you want to move forward in any area of your life, continue to listen to Darrin. Well done! - LiseDurling

I love Darrin’s style of interviews. The content is life changing as well. Can’t get enough. - RonSell