Amy Porterfield



She has quite an impressive career. She got her start as director of content marketing for a guy by the name of Tony Robbins! She had a successful career with one of the biggest names in personal development on the planet! Nice gig!!

One day, she sat in on a meeting with some of the most successful marketers in the world and a fire was lit. As she sat there listening to folks like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan and Brendan Bouchard describe their online businesses (and lifestyle) to Tony Robbins, she knew that was what she wanted for herself.

Meet Amy Porterfield. In todays conversation, we talk about how she started with Tony and what it was like leaving a comfortable position to go out on her own. She also goes deep on email list building, how to engage with an online audience and webinars.



  • Currently resides in San Diego California with her husband and step son
  • Is an online marketer, author, speaker, Podcaster and Social Media expert
  • Is a co-author of one of the original Facebook for Dummies books


  • What it was like working with Tony Robbins
  • The one meeting that completely changed her life
  • To hustle or NOT to hustle? A different perspective
  • Why its SO important to say no and how to do iteasily
  • How many hours should you work in a day?
  • A day to remember: An epic sendoff from Tony Robbins
  • Amys first breakthrough: The day a webinar changed her life
  • The most important advice for ALL business owners
  • Are the days of webinars coming to an end?
  • The 5 phases of a successful webinar
  • Amys thoughts on the future of live streaming
  • What is Amys favorite Social Media platform (and why)?
  • 3 effective ways to engage with your audience
  • And SO much more.

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