Clayton Morris



It all started with a dream of one day becoming an on-air TV personality. As a young child, he idolized people like Johnny Carson and David Letterman and wanted to be just like them. While other kids were outside playing sports and goofing around, he and his friends were filming mock newscasts with dreams of one day being on Television.

It was only a matter of time before this wide eyed teenager got his wish.

Fast forward to today and he is now the host to the wildly popular Fox and Friends weekend and regularly speaks to an audience of well over 2 million people. He’s also a legacy wealth expert and lifelong seeker of knowledge whose sole mission is to empower and help others.

Meet Clayton Morris. In this very real, raw and vulnerable conversation, Clayton shares a recent epiphany that led him to radically change directions in his life. We talk about this break down and learn why he was operating from an inauthentic place. We also discuss legacy wealth and he shares his personal “Freedom” blueprint for achieving it in your own life.




  • Why Clayton wants to change the world
  • What is Legacy Wealth and Claytons own personal formula for achieving it
  • How Clayton first got into real estate and why he believes it is one of the most effective ways to build legacy wealth
  • The many lies we tell ourselves about about owning real estate and why anyone can do it
  • How to recognize if you are living an inauthentic life and change itFAST
  • How to FINALLY stop the bright shiny object syndrome once and for all
  • The #1 question that changed everythingand what you can learn from it
  • Claytons answer to The Dan Sullivan Question
  • Four steps to achieving mastery at anything
  • An interesting tidbit about goosebumps
  • Why ALL mental pain and suffering is just an illusion we create for ourselves
  • How to break free from the chains of lack and scarcity thinking
  • And SO much more.

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