Edwene Gaines



She had an incredibly difficult life growing up. A one-time single mother who raised a child in a world of poverty. She did all the right things in life yet somehow continued to struggle. An ordained Unity minister and a lifelong student of personal development, one day she happened upon a book that revolutionized her way of thinking. Regardless of all the greats that she studied, folks like Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill, it was only after she found this book that her life completely changed.

Today, she is a best selling author and prosperity coach/teacher who is extremely passionate about sharing her message with the world. She travels approximately 250 days a year presenting prosperity and commitment workshops all over the world and has made a 100% commitment to the transformation of an abundance consciousness of the world.

Meet Edwene Gaines. In this conversation, she shares her journey and exactly how she found The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity…and how it has radically changed her life. She goes in depth on each one of these incredible laws and provides us with the necessary tools we need in order to create a life of abundance.



  • Currently resides in Valley Head, Alabama
  • Is a Best selling author and international speaker who travels all over the world to share her message of prosperity and abundance
  • Is a certified Firewalking Instructor and facilitates a Firewalking ceremony several times a year


  • What are the 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
  • Understanding the true meaning of Prosperity and why so many people get it wrong
  • What is Spiritual Foodand how to find it
  • Understanding the difference between tithing and giving (this is HUGE)
  • Why you may be subconsciously creating lack in your lifeand how to change it FAST
  • Demystifying money: Is it really the root of all evil?
  • Why your attachment to money may be causing more scarcity in your life
  • What is Money Consciousness and how to put yourself in a state of receiving
  • How to get what you want vs. what you ask for
  • How to create a brain dead simple goal planthat WORKS!
  • A simple 2 step process to visualizing like a champion
  • Why lack of forgiveness may be bottle-necking your success
  • How to find YOUR divine purpose with ease (this one really surprised me)
  • What is MSU and how it could radically change the way you look at yourself
  • And SO much more.

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