Elizabeth Langford


She was a happy child and grew up like most other children. At the age of 8, she suffered a traumatic experience that would change her life forever. What happened was a parents worst nightmare. Their daughters innocence was stolen, she was sexually abused. It took her many years to overcome this experience and it’s been a long and hard journey of self discovery.

In what might be considered a bit of a departure, this episode is not only relevant and hard hitting, but imo, necessary. There are many people out there that have suffered abuse and live very unhappy lives because of it. Everyone deserves happiness in their lives and the only way to get past something so tragic is to accept and acknowledge it for what it is and develop the necessary skillset to deal with it.  In this conversation, you will discover how a courageous young woman learned how to overcome this abuse and teaches others how to do the same in their lives.

Meet Elizabeth Langford, abuse survivor, author and sex connection coach. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will hear her story and learn what this young mother of six did to get past this experience and how she helps others do the same.


  • Was raised in Salt Lake City,Utah
  • Grew up in a challenging home environment
  • Currently resides in North Dakota with her husband and six children
  • Author of “Sex Connection” (wip) and currently coaches on the subject

“When you love yourself, it breaks down barriers to loving other people.” Elizabeth Langford Tweet:


  • How to find your healing process
  • How to get into a state of forgiveness, self love and appreciation
  • Why accepting your past is the most important step in the recovery process
  • How to recognize destructive patterns and change them…forever
  • Learn how to love yourself, love your body and have a healthy sex life
  • How to break free of the “victim” mentality and live confidently and with self esteem

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