Michelle Van Otten

Brand Strategist and Entrepreneur


It wasn’t always easy for Michelle. She grew up in a challenging environment, constantly struggled with her weight and dropped out of college after getting pregnant.

She wasn’t happy with that version of herself and knew it was time for RADICAL change.

After finding a long and successful career as a Wall Street trader and living on top of the world, she still wasn’t happy. She knew, deep down, that there was something much bigger calling her name.

Meet Michelle Van Otten. A fiery, fearless Brand Strategist who creates raw, real and relevant authentic emotional branding for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. She’s truly an unstoppable force for entrepreneurs who are making a better world and helps them to create cohesive personal and business brand strategies that take control of their image, create rewarding connections with audiences and influencers, and position them as the very best in their field

In this awesome conversation, we discuss the many pitfalls most entrepreneurs face and how to correct them. We also talk about what it takes to build a loyal tribe around you and how to strategically level up your life and your business in some very unique and incredible ways.


  • Currently resides in California
  • Is a brand strategist who operates a full scale brand agency for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to create a legacy and an empire
  • Is a Master Practitioner of NLP


  • Learn how to build a brand that matters
  • How to become your best personal brand
  • Learn the secrets to building a loyal tribe
  • What is the 93% factor and why you need to know about it
  • 3 Tips for achieving laser focus and maximizing productivity
  • How to break the negative habits that aren’t serving you

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