Willie Crawford


He grew up very poor on a farm in North Carolina. Life wasn’t always easy but he still appreciated everything he had and looked at life through an optimistic lens.

He wanted more out of life and he knew that everything he wanted was out there, waiting for him. At the tender age of 12, he received a set of encyclopedia from his grandmother and dove into these books head first. For him, these books were much more than just paper with a bunch of words and pictures. These books opened his mind to a world of infinite possibilities!

In this conversation, you will hear exactly how this man started his business journey and how being determined and committed to your purpose can really pay off in a BIG way.

Meet Willie Crawford, Internet Marketer and JV Power broker. In this edition of Big Wig Nation, you will hear his inspiring story and learn how through courage, strength, determination and commitment he created a successful life and a VERY lucrative business.


  • Was raised in a world of poverty on a farm in North Carolina
  • Background in Business and Economics and an NC State Alum
  • Spent 20 years in the United States Air Force
  • First got into the world of Internet Marketing in 1996
  • Has been to more than 50 countries around the world
  • Is fluent in 15 different languages


  • The power of JV Brokering and the many benefits that come with being a connector
  • The power of leveraging the knowledge of others….and how to do it properly
  • Best methods for building a passive income….the SMART way
  • How to properly screen perspective business partners and the mistakes to avoid
  • Several reasons many people look down on internet marketers and how to distance yourself from “that” crowd
  • Why holding yourself accountable is much more important than you think
  • How to talk TO your audience rather than at them

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